Announcements/Changes To The Sailing Instructions


CODE FLAG “L”, Ashore. If it is necessary to make an announcement or any changes to these sailing instructions, the International Code Flag “L” will be hoisted on the Race Committee boat. Such alterations will be announced on VHF Channel 68. Notices and results will be posted on the notice board located at the Race Committee boat.

CODE FLAG “L”, Afloat. If the Race Committee feels that the wind is not sufficient and in order to save the race of the day, the International Code Flag “L” will be hoisted as the “Follow me “ signal and all the boats shall follow the R.C. boat to a new place of start , for a shortened course. Instructions will be given on the VHF.

POSTPONEMENT FLAG (Answering pennant) Ashore. If the postponement flag is hoisted ashore along with two sound signals, there will be a postponement of the start for at least one hour. Announcement shall be given through the VHF as well.


In case of lack of wind or heavy winds the Race Committee may decide to abandon a race that has been already started. In this case code flag ”N” will be hoisted, along with three horn signals, on the Race Committee boat and an according announcement shall be given on the VHF.


The Race Committee reserves the right to shorten the day’s course in any gate mentioned. In this case code flag “S” will be hoisted, along with two horn signals. The time limits for the shortened courses are the same with the complete courses. Additionally the Race Committee reserves the right to start a new race from the gate to the rest of the announced courses. In this case the time limits for the new course changed accordingly.


According to prevailing weather conditions it may be necessary to place the “RC” flag and the blue flag from the RC boat on land. The buoys will remain as described. The drawings of this booklet showing the start/Finishing Lines are indicative. The position of the RC boat and the buoy might be otherwise.


All yachts are instructed to switch to VHF channel 68, which will be used by the Race Committee for starting and finishing procedures. The RC will listen on VHF channel 68. Communication on channels 16 and 6 will only be allowed for emergency reasons. Information will only be given by the visual signs or written notice. In case of traffic on channel 68, channel 69 will be used alternatively after an announcement on the VHF.


Engines shall be turned off before the Preparatory Signal (-4 minutes). Any use of the boat’s engine (battery charging, refrigerator cooling, propulsion to avoid collision, etc.) shall be noted to the Race Committee during the race or right after she crosses the Finishing Line.


Any yacht, abandoning the race for any reason, must inform the Race Committee as soon as possible through the VHF channel 68 or at the mobile phone numbers.


The persons in charge of the participating boats must submit a crew list with the full names of all persons aboard, until May 1st 2015 at 16:00 at the secretariat of the Kavas Yachting.

Changes in the crew composition are permitted, provided that the Race Committee is advised in writing, not later than one hour before the start of every race.

For safety and responsibility reasons concerning the person in charge of a boat and the Race Committee, the identification of a wrong or inadequate crew may disqualify the boat in the particular race.


All participating yachts will be equipped with a tracking device. If any crew will disconnect it, the race committee will apply a penalty or disqualify the yacht.

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