Entry Disclaimer – Responsibility


All boats participating in the Acropolis Regatta 2015 do so under their own risk and responsibility. All skippers shall complete and sign the Official Statement requested by the Coast Guard.

Kavas Yachting, the Organizing Committee, the Protest Committee, the Race Committee and any other person or body involved in the organization of the event expressly reject any responsibility for material or personal damages that may occur as a consequence of the participation in the races covered by this Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

Attention is drawn to Fundamental Rule 4 “Decision to Race”, R.R.S. Part 1, which establishes : “A boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing”.


All participating boats in the Acropolis Regatta 2015 shall have third party insurance cover.


  • Kavas Yachting pennant from the port spreader.
  • Their race number on bow rails. Both will be provided at the check in or at the Skipper’ s meeting.


All yachts must race with their standard charter sails provided by Kavas Yachting sail inventory. Spinnakers and spinnaker poles are not allowed in the Acropolis Regatta.

During the race all boats must have their anchors stored in their anchor lockers. Failing to comply with this instruction may result in disqualification of the boat.


Please take care of your sails. If the wind is strong please remember to reef early, in accordance with good seamanship in the prevailing conditions. Although we are able to repair minor sail damages, such as re-stitching split seams, we have no facilities during the event to repair more serious damage than this. Sails damaged beyond repair during the event will not be replaced, so please bear this in mind and race within the capabilities of your yacht’ s rig. Please do not carry full sail in strong winds!


Any damages to the sailing instructions will be given by written notice to the competitors.

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