Kavas Yachting and Nautical Club of Greece (NOE) are organizing the 1st Acropolis Regatta, which will be held from 9nd till 16th May 2015 in the Saronic Gulf.


The address of the secretariat and the Race Committee Office is at Kavas Yachting main office, at 20-22 Koritsas str. Alimos, Athens, tel 0030 2109849961, fax 0030 2109817248, e-mail


The event will be governed by the following rules valid in 2015 :

  • The I.S.A.F. Racing Rules of Sailing (R.R.S.) for 2013-2016.
  • The ISAF Special Regulations Governing Offshore Racing.
  • The Event is classified in Category 3.
  • VHF channels 16, 68 and 69 are mandatory.
  • The International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea.
  • The present Sailing Instructions and any amendments added to it.
  • All boats will race under the ORC club rating rules.

In case of contact/collision between two or more boats the boat in claim is disqualified from the rest of the race. Additional the Protest Committee will be strict to apply rule 14 even to the right of way boat/s.


The display of any advertisement of products on the participating yachts will be allowed only with the permission of the Organizing Committee.


Entries are announced at the official web site of Kavas Yachting. The organizers reserve the right for last minute entries.


There will be 3 classes and the classification of boats participating will be distributed at the skipper meeting.

The Race Committee reserves the right to merge the classes in accordance with the relative rules.


The boats will be rated under ORC Club Measurement System and “Time on Distance” scoring will be applied.

The R.R.S. Low Point System will apply according to I.S.A.F. Appendix A. When fewer than 4 races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores. When from 4 to 5 races have been completed, a boat’ s series score will the total of her race scores excluding her worst score. In case of a tie this will be solved according to the R.R.S. A8.


The following charts are recommended : British Admiralty charts : 2682, 1657, 1038, Imray tera charts : G3, G14, G141 and G31.

The following publications are recommended : Greek Waters Pilot by Rod Heikell / Imray Laurie Norie&Wilson Ltd.


Two turns penalty will apply for broken a rule of Part 2 of RRS or a rule of the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea and One-Turn penalty for broken a rule of 31 of RRS.

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