The Yachts

Acropolis Regatta 7-14 May 2016

Participation costs

The price list for participating in the Acropolis Regatta can be found below. It consists of a charter price for each yacht model and a participating fee.

Yacht Pricelist

The charter price and participating fee include the charter price of the yacht, participation in all regattas, the three (3) dinners organized by Kavas Yachting (excluding drinks) and participation in the competitions. They do not include any skipper required, end-cleaning of the participating yachts (€35/cabin) and diesel consumed.

For participants wishing to retain their yachts for additional weeks following the Acropolis Regatta, we offer a generous

35% discount on our bareboat charter price list for the specific extra weeks.

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Yachts available for Yacht Charter in Greece